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                     Visual Artist   

             Born in Ede - The Netherlands,

             Place of residence : Schipperskerk, Limburg, Netherlands.

             She is born out of a artistic family, her father Charles
             was painter and graphic artist, Marieke works with many 
             several materials, and her remarkable sensitive soul urge
             her on to make this work and this work is mostly of a 
             philosophic and mystic nature.


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                                       The textural diversity of
                                    Mariekeís oeuvre... 


     The symbolism of the Dragonfly and 
             the Lotusflower look like the same....
             Both they grow out of the mud according
             to a divinely creature....

             With a little bit help from the Faeries....





                             The many faces of Marieke...
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My head reasoned and doubt,
My Soul, My Self has break away from this,
and is waiting confident on the things that turn up,
Because everything comes as it is predestined for us, and so shall be our experience.