On 9 April 2006 we took in Love farewell of

                     Charles Russel
(* 10 Okt. 1919 9 April. 2006)

    Charles have reached 86 years of age.


Charles Russel


Charles inspired always others to making art, among which not only his children but also students   
        of its school, who became prices because of this gained or went to the art academy.     
                 He never wants to work for pursuit of profit, as a result of which he has sold 
                      little work, Working...purely for loving the art and from out of his 
                            life vision. Charles has decides its tracks left behind and 
                                        his part contributed to a large variety
                                                         of art work !

Music : Abwoon (Our Father) from the CD : Immortal Memory - Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy